Frankenstein excerpt from the book by Mary Shelly

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56-PICT3094 (2)56-PICT3094 (2)    Excerpt from the book “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly
   page 198 paperback edition


….soon slept profoundly.  But sleep did not afford me respite

from thought and misery; my dreams presented a thousand

objects that scared me.  Towards morning I was possessed

by a kind of nightmare; I felt the fiend’s grasp in my neck,

and could not free myself from it; groans and cries rung

in my ears.       My father, who was watching over me,

perceiving my restlessness, awoke me; the dashing

waves were all around:  the cloudy sky above; 

the fiend was not here:  a sense of security,

a feeling that a truce was established

between the present hour and the

irresistible, disastrous future,

imparted to me a kind of

calm forgetfulness, of

which the human

mind is by its





 Excerpt from the book “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly
  page 198 paperback edition




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