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Fine Art Photographer:
Sanford Widran

Image Capture using Digital

Camera Program Setting

The Home screen slideshow represents a sampling of the many solar genres contained in my overall photography portfolio collections.  

Enjoy the individual Photo galleries and let me know your thoughts.  

Start by clicking the "All Photos" drop-down menu to access a "Collection" for detailed viewing.  

Click on any "***" image box that appears to pop-up the "Password" request and enter the visible "Password Hint" to unlock a collection.

This is straight up photography.  The content of these images are real and have not been modified for "Digital Art" sake! 

All Solar Photos are taken using traditional optics, digital settings, and photographic techniques; and each have US Copyright protection.

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"My mind’s eye controls the brush as I view the scene...
Through the optics of the lens to frame the composition...
Using the ingenuity of a digital camera to capture the image...
And paint the scene upon a photographic canvas."

Dreaming in Shapes and Colors (TM)

Sanford Widran
Artist, Naturalist, Realist, Optimist :))
Fine Art Photographer