Artist Biography

Sanford Widran has recently emerged on the fine arts scene in Los Angeles with a highly unique and artistic photographic technique for transforming the optical world into imaginative displays of color and light. His work will excite and transform your view of our natural surroundings.

Sanford grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago close to Lake Michigan, and as a frequent visitor to the lake shore wilderness and while out on the water sailing, he became fascinated by the ever-changing interplay between the land, water and sky over the course of the day. He quickly developed an appreciation for exploring the outdoors. His artistic qualities progressed at an early age. He’s been practicing the art of photography ever since receiving his first Kodak Cartridge camera and first Polaroid Instamatic camera as a kid. During this early period Sanford developed a close relationship with his camera experimenting with different lighting situations outdoors.

And, having grown up so close to one of the world’s greatest museums, Sanford spent many enthusiastic hours perusing painting collections at the Art Institute of Chicago. While attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Sanford further developed his love for impressionistic paintings while visiting the campus area museums. Sanford transferred to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff where he could experience more of the great outdoors and wide-open spaces within the vicinity of the San Francisco Peaks, Sunset Crater, Indian Ruins, The Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona and The White Mountains.

After completing a degree in Earth Science, Sanford set out to explore the world. Eventually, Product Planning and Product Marketing provided the best opportunity to apply his intellectual capabilities daily. Corporate life afforded a continuous learning experience, where he developed another important skill practicing the art of PowerPoint for presentation to Top Brass. 

Sanford's eye and creative knack further advanced during his career’s day job, marketing Medical Devices. He was lucky to travel for work and fortunate to visit many of the world's greatest art museums, religious structures, archaeological sites and beyond, acquiring an even stronger attraction for the Fine Arts. Sanford enjoys taking photos of other artists' works while traveling and has built a collection of influential references that continue to shape and help focus his artistic aspirations.

Sanford considers himself an Artist, Naturalist, Realist, Expressionist, Impressionist, Abstractionist, Conceptualist, Optimist, and Fine Art Photographer.

Abstract Expressionism is likely the best fit descriptor for his artistic style
and progression towards later works. His love of photography and the visual arts
drive him to regularly experiment and create new compositions. 
As interesting as Conventional Photography can be, 
Sanford does not find the imagery to be all that exciting or satisfying. 

His discovery of a little used feature on his digital camera called Solarization 
changed his perception of Photography, Color and the Visual Arts, forever!
While the digital Solarization feature is not new, it
may have been overlooked in the Fine Art World until now.
His approaches are fresh and contain 

certain masterful qualities in composition.
His work is best described as:

 "Dreaming in Shapes and Colors".

“I have learned to experience joy through the association of arts and culture.
A recessive ability to recognize untapped beauty now drives me
to express prophetic visions through the photographic visual arts. 
My artistic goals are to bring this wonder and joy to the community
 at large through a volume of provocative visual content,
especially ones’ that highlight nature’s finer details.” 

(Sanford Widran)