Artist Technique

Solarization is a digital filter activated on the camera menu and the Solarized Image is visible during real-time viewing of the subject matter while framing the composition. The camera software uses the effects of sunlight and shadows to invert colors and light according to the programmed algorithm scheme. Subject-matter in sunlight and in shadows highlight sharp contrast between objects producing brilliant colors of stunning quality.

Effects of the Solarization program are applied during Image Capture and Digital Storage. After that, the images are only minimally adjusted by Sanford on a computer using the digital tools found in Google's Picasa 3.0 photo editing software. There are no modifications made to the digital image compositions. The colors appear naturally according to the Solarization
 scheme defined inside the digital camera.     

These scenes are best viewed as a series of images that more fully examine the subject matter. I consider each individual Image to be a piece of art, a study, and an exploration of the genre space. It often takes me several shots, and you’ll see the different angles, until I get the ultimate shot. Notice what I call a Color Transition which is a series of the same subject at various angles and settings that show an unusual range and brightness of color.  Observe what I call Patterns of intermixed colors that often shimmer and appear translucent in the work. Each Series is a select group of the finest composition scenes of the same subject, also thought of as a Study. Each image may differ by one or a more steps in focal depth, speed, aperture, white balance or other settings, and are often shot using Macro Telephoto Settings. 

I've attempted to convey a broad sense of perspective by composing images with multiple layers of colors and textures. This is interesting because the many layers move your eye around from the focal points to the more distant points and takes you for a journey around the composition. Notice your eyes sweeping the canvas in circular motions that direct you out from the center to the edges and vice-a-versa. For this reason, I love to photograph Circular and Rounded shapes using buckets and other found objects.

Circles represent a sense of Perfection like the shape of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. The Circle represents the idealism of Oneness, Connection, Unity, Community, Motherhood, Brotherhood and the Cycle of Life itself. The perfection of the Circular shape represents a form combining simplicity, balance, love, harmony, and a physical chemistry creating attractiveness. I find these shapes visually appealing and pleasing on the eyes, especially for generating photo illusions of depth. The many combinations and numbers of colors visible across these objects become radiant. This helps grab your attention sweeping your eyes gently around and across the entire composition in exploration for it's intended feeling (meaning).