About Sanford, the Artist

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Dreaming in Shapes and Colors!

"My mind’s eye controls the brush as I view the scene...
through the optics of the lens to frame the composition...
using the ingenuity of a digital camera to capture the image...
and paint the scene upon a photographic canvas." 

Sanford Widran  
fine art photography


   My Epiphany - 
    (a revelation inspired by Zig Ziglar)

I was digging for GOLD in my own backyard, but instead discovered DIAMONDS!

Try again… this time a little more descriptive…

While digging for gold in my own backyard,

amid the rubble of dull and mildly shiny objects,
while seeking diligently with my artistic mind's eye...

I realized that I had discovered.…
A Field of DIAMONDS!   

And, while raw diamonds
may not look like much,
with expertise and experience
you may recognize them,

and then again and after that,
with creative polishing, 
imaginative hewing,
skillful shaping,
precision cutting,
and then some even more polishing

these nuggets can become
stunningly colorful,
and sparkle brilliantly
with tremendous beauty,
that attracts great value
in the hearts and minds, 
and to the envy

of artistic admirers everywhere!

Relax, Stand Still for a While and DIG DEEPER!!!


I've channeled my energy of artistic expression, to create the sense of wonder for people who want to Stop for a While, for a period of Reflection to Explore, Discover and DIG DEEPER! 

Art Therapy unleashes a passion in me to create these stimulating expressions of still life scenes, landscapes, nature and the like,  producing brilliant colors and lighting situations... that will bring Joy and Happiness to those who choose to Stand Still for a While, for those who feel compelled to Observe, Identify and DIG DEEPER! 

Art Therapy further empowers me with a revitalized Energy, Spirit and Purpose to pursue that magical dream, that elusive desire to change fantasy into reality through art, and then derive meaning from it!

These works reflect my Inner Self and emotions, that otherwise I may have difficulty expressing… that I’m anxiously attempting to convey.

My artistic goals are to use this Visual Expressionism to highlight the vibrant Beauty of our Natural Surroundings... that it may bring new meaning back to our Minds' Eyes regarding the wonders of the world around us.... by using these new artistic perspectives to challenge our everyday thinking and renew our wakeful consciousness.