Artist Statement

I am an artist that uses a Digital Camera to identify, define and capture my mind’s subjects, visualizations and desired arrangements. My lasting artistic goals are to deliver strong, vibrant and exciting scenes with color combinations and lighting situations that create a feeling of energy and visual delight. I'm attempting to take Impressionism to the next level and into the abstract with shapes, patterns, textures, color and light using Solarization photography. 

My art excites a passion that compels me to present it to the world in a Grand Way so others can enjoy and share in the collective experience and qualities existing in my work. You’ll notice these photographic arts are truly original, unique, and unlike anything you've seen before. These images intend to thrill your eyes with depth and dimension, entertain your senses with color and light, and stir your emotional demeanor with soft and sensual compositions. Try to experience the calming energy while exploring each scene. The works progress from the primitive, to the broader more soft, sensual, abstract shapes and forms, containing stunning color tones, arrangements and lay-out designs.  

Take a moment to suspend all prior photographic beliefs and observations. Try to readjust your eyes as a cultured art historian or as an appreciative connoisseur to study these compositions carefully, using a fresh forward-looking perspective. This style takes some getting used to, especially as you move from the floral into the more expressionistic shapes and forms. Even though these images can be viewed on a computer screen, the scenes (even better when printed out) have the appearance of real paintings. And, while my work is highly unique and interesting, it also seems to carry forward some styles reminiscent of master painters from days past.

That’s what’s remarkable with the digital technology and printing capabilities of today, just like the paintbrushes, oils, watercolors and canvases used before, those were the tools available at the time for the visual arts. Now, as we've  evolved, we've become more sophisticated in our tastes for art too. And, interestingly each time I view one of these compositions, I tend to find something new that I missed on one of my prior visits. 

That's what makes for a highly desirable piece of art. The image matures as your brain gets used to it, and the scene doesn’t always look the same each time. If you seek higher definition and look further… you will find that attractive thrill. That’s what makes a truly remarkable piece of art, and why you will covet and desire to own it, so you can look at it regularly because it always looks fresh!  When was the last time you found that quality in a piece of art?

The manipulation of light in its many colorful shades is a joyful, positive and compelling experience for (me) the photographer and the viewing audience. Illuminating these prints properly will allow the colors to pop providing the depth and dimension I’m attempting to achieve, giving it that certain quality drawing you into the picture and causing your eyes to explore your way around it, to search and discover and to find the depth of its meaning.  

I think the public is going to like my work. I’m feeling good about it and hope you do too! 

Thanks again for your visit.   

Sincerely,  Sanford Widran