Where are We Now These Days, Anyways?

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“Where are We Now These Days, Anyways?”

By Sanford Widran © Feb. 2020


The planets all sing with beauty

And many fun insults they sling

Across great distances

At each other

Into the long dark nights

Out there in space all alone

Except for my eight best friends

In our Solar System below:


Venus, my love (Bitch!)

My Penis grows Large for you,


And I am turning Blue like you

Come closer while I Rage

I need to bang against you

To clear my head.

Quick, let’s jump in bed!


Mars, you mad man (Asshole!)

How can we attract? When

We are such polar opposites?

I am so pretty

And you are such

An ugly dirty Red.


Do you ever wash

Or brush your teeth?

Or shave that bumpy face?

And comb that straggly head?


I am blue and you are red

How can it be said:

That I Shall love You 💕



Saturn, you Devil,

Your rings are

Oh, “O”

so Intriguing

Funny how they all line up


in a Single plane.


Jupiter, you behemoth

I see so many moving colors

I can’t really tell

Which one To

Describe you with.

And that Monster Eye,

What’s up with that?


These are Gaseous Zombies

At our zenith in the darkness

With multiple moons

and rings around,

They make for our modern

astronomical interest.


Neptune, you squishy Fatso!

You are always off a bit,

And murky like a blue

Fish Soup.

We never know which part

You are getting

Through the lens,

When we try to look at you.


Mercury you’re a bald

hot head,

Pluto you’re as cold

as Hell,

And a pale Butt Face

we all laugh,

an outcast, an exoplanet,

no longer one of us

or number nine.


And Mars again

you’re still a mess,

though now an Orangey,

Dusty, hazy Red .


Uranus, you Anus!

I must kiss it now,

You are so far off

You’re at the butt-end

of Our Solar System.

Now, I love to say that

When for fun,

We must play around again,

As soon as I am done.


And so, many moons

go around

These wobbly orbs,

Them too are round,

sort of.

Spheres they call them

Where so many

Playground sounds

abound from.


We all sail Onboard together

Our Blue and Green planet

Earth, always moving, twisting

And turning without our notice,

Through the Grand Universe.

This Mother of all planets

Happens to be

The greatest steamy

Lover of them all,

And Sanctuary

in a world full of Atmosphere

Made by God

and Indivisible too,

Before now and Zen (then).

Suitable for blossoms

And creation of life

and our future home

for generations

of Mindful...



Thanks of all

to our Sun,

our Star!

That beautiful yellow

and powerful, Golden orb

Sunshine rays

go all the way around.

That generates the Green

and warmth of oceans seas

Shaping the plants and trees

And warms our bones by day

(and besides the magic sun

fire, at night too).

That gives us Strength

To bend our knees,

you know

We love the Bees,

Even though

they are leaving us soon!


We praise thee

For our wonderful location,

Spot on Within,

Our haunting Solar System.

And For granting us our lives

Hail thee to Mom and Dad!!!


(Is it the chicken or the egg?

Which came first?)

For us

Being born

Into this cute little corner

of Our orbital plane.

(no such thing)


Why is the Universe so big?


my young daughters asked.


This exhilarating round slice,

Of the ever expanding

universe(al) space

Is in a rush.

And inside us,

Our Human minds too.

That spirit of growth

and urgency,

with compassion



New truths

are just waiting

to be uncovered.

Old ones dusted off,

and soon to be

(re) discovered.

And expanded upon

In thought and prayer

With pen to paper

(Or computer keystrokes)

Based on peer review

for final proof.

Only then

to be disclosed,

Broadly, to the public.

For filling libraries

And online Data Banks.

Finally used to build upon

For foundational support

Of future pursuits.

For finding new truths

Again, and again, such as

To save our climate


Place in this World.


We as People,

the Human Race

Our dying love

will never cease.

And with great planning,

desperately seeking answers

in trial after trial

A solution to be found, finally

For another important problem

To be solved.

in order to move us

Forward unbound.

To advance our thinking

for all (Wo) Mankind

and to better secure

Our future survival.


We stretch our minds eyes

Filling our brains

with new (stuff),


Day after foreboding day.

Until we find ourselves,

With great expectations

The ability to rise from the dust

And bend our knees and elbows.

To build our homes

Using only the Earth’s earth,

Only the crust and the dust.

Using Only the darn dirt,

while trying and trying again.

And always digging

Ceaselessly, using our hands

through day and night

to shape these materials

In the way of our designs.

Hopefully, with help

From our family and friends, too


Assembled with many parts,

And so many fittings and screws

there are, you know.

All To be


Into this one great

Networked machine

called Simplicity.

That, and within our own minds

Ever seeking perfection,

Towards Infinity and Oneness,



“Where are We Now These Days, Anyways?”

By Sanford Widran © Feb. 2020



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