I was on my way to the Top, One Day at a Time, if only if!

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“I was on my way to the Top,

One Day at a Time, if only if!”

by Sanford Widran © March 2020


I was working my way up.

On my way to the top

On my way up

one rung to the next

one day at a time.

On my way today

On my bike with dog ahead

Riding my bike today

With wind behind

Helping me up

Up in the world of class

Working up that Ladder

That Ladder of Success

Success and

Hopefully meaningless Excess!

I can’t wait to achieve

Achieve some sort of greatness

So back to today and my future

That future with endless chases

In my mind

While I ride

With dog ahead

And wind behind

I seen The Devil

I seen The Devil today

Don’t you understand?

Along my way

My way up

With wind behind

Pushing me Up

I seen The Devil today

And The Devil seen me

Perhaps and very unfortunately

As he chased me

From behind as I ahead

While working

Working in my thoughts

In my thoughts and dreams

About a new life ahead

A new life of

Unlimited Excesses


A brazen gust of air rushes by,

And scarily whispers in my ear

Gently whispers great visions of

Future promise,

a promise of Greatness

and a life of grandeur

How great a gift

if only if

I would do something

Do something along my way

That would quickly get me there

Perhaps a shortcut

Or a minor detour

Just a brief stop along my way

Somehow influenced by

That Devil I seen today

While chasing me

Chasing me with wind behind

Just trying to help me up

To help me along my way today

As a Gust of Air rushing by

A sudden gust whistles past

And whispers in my ear

You gotta pull over here

And do a quick deed for me

The Devils voice became clearly

Apparent in my ear

In my ear who insists and yells at me

“Pull over here right now

And do a quick deed for me,”

As The Devil was pushing me today

And soon enough

with no invisibility to hide

“The deed will happen quickly

While I hold your dog for you

I’ll hold your dog for you

So you won’t have to worry

And also to ensure your return

So you won’t have to worry

As long as you do this for me

A quick deed for me today

Today right now

and you’ll soon see Greatness

Greatness and Great Fortune

Beyond your imagination

If you’ll only stop right now!”

Right now

immediately along

Along your way up

Up that Ladder of Success

grueling day by day

And toiling in the dirt to scrounge

Only to someday from now

Someday to claw your way up

Clawing your way up

day in and day out

with dirt in your hair and

clenching your teeth

while trying so hard

to climb out.

When suddenly you see

that Devil says

"I can get you where you want,

get you there much more quickly

If you’ll only do this little deed

A deed for me

that will certainly

guarantee your success."

With speed and rush

The rush of air as it became

it became so hot that soon

Soon enough that rush of air

That rush began to yell now

And scream in my ear

rather tantalizing tails

of endless seductions.

‘Tails of great Fantasies

you’ll see

to ever satisfy your greed

If you only pull over here for me’

As the invisible air rushing by

Began to force me you see

To stop for just a moment

To do a little deed as needed

As I became so confused

And frustrated

Since I was tricked you see

By this Devil I saw today

Along my way while peddling

peddling hard

as can be to succeed.

And Before I knew it

and soon you’ll see

I was pushed hard

Hard by this grueling wind,

as I began going downhill fast

Along an unfamiliar and

A different path today

while along my way to success

I seen The Devil

And The Devil seen me

So you see I was forced

Forced down this way

Beyond my controls

Going downhill

really fast now

And my only way out

To escape you see is

If only I do this one little deed

And pull over here

Pull over here quickly you see

Cause a steep cliff lurks ahead

So to avoid this potential doom

I made this Deal,

if only if

I had thought it through

More thoroughly and

Without the urgency

Reality became blinded

Blinded by that offer

if only if

White sands and cocktails

Will be mine to share with all

All that comes with all that

All that grandeur so sure

If only if

I do this one quick deed

For that Devil who seen me

He seen me today along my way


Working Up that Ladder of Success

so Hard and desperately.

And so he says he ‘chose’ me to

If only if

I do this one quick deed you see,

I could tell I was being used

But became very confused by

Why did that Devil chose me?


I had no choice

Because soon enough

I was quickly being pushed

downhill instead of up you see

By this very strong invisible wind

The air directed me to stop there

Before that cliff is up too close

Presenting me with a choice

Fast approaching now

A difficult choice not to stop

And do this deed very quickly here

Now to avoid that cliff ahead

That cliff so deep is scary

And my dog was with me

You see while I peddled my way

When I seen this scrappy Devil

And the Devil seen me today


because soon

Soon enough

I made this turn

To avoid that cliff ahead

Ever nearing and therefore

I had to do this one little thing

I made this turn while going fast

Reckless now really moving

Downhill instead of up

if only if

Being bullied by this foul wind

To turn here and pull over

Pull over there and deliver this

It won’t hurt anything you see

That Devil tricked me

Into believing

I could fast track it



So to avoid this potential doom

from that looming cliff ahead

Of Debt and Overreaching.

Apparently, I had to do it

This one little thing

That won’t hurt anybody

While that Devil holds my dog

To ensure my return

After delivering this package

Small in size and high in value

And you see when

I was handed this wad Of Dough

while I sweated heavily,

Standing there at the door

waiting endlessly

at the threshold of this

crooked place.

It seemed while waiting

nervously in that moment

That moment that never ends

Breaking bad they say, So I’m

Waiting to be dismissed

And oh yah

I got what I came for I guess

as I hightailed it away

Away from there

as this was bad

This wad of cash

is going to get me into trouble

so I put it quickly

Stuffed it in my pocket and ran

Back to my dog

waiting patiently

I gave The Devil this wad of cash

It was stuck in my jeans pocket

You see while I was sweating

Sweating Nervously

trying to rip this cash

From my possession

in order to hand it over quickly

and retrieve my dog

from that Beast and fast

I had better

Get now

Get the Hell out of there

Rather quickly you see

Because that Devil forced me

To do things I’d rather not say

In exchange for my dog

Held hostage for my return

That day with that lump of cash

So I did it

and then I left fast

I left quickly with my dog ahead

To return from where we went

Being pushed and bullied

Bullied by that threatening air

The wind gushing around ahead

And whispering things so great

very tempting things in my ear

That could help me to the top

Ahead of others in line

To reach that final Ladder rung

If only if,

I do this one little thing

that won’t hurt anybody,


And Gunshots rang out after

Leaving that shady place

I was forced to turn and stop

Again to do this one little thing

It would take me to the top

And a guaranteed life of comfort

To share with others you see

So I had to do it

to have it all

And do it fast

And get the Hell out of there

With dog ahead we’d gone

Back home.

Don’t you understand?

We’d seen the Devil today OK?

And he’d seen me unfortunately

We were riding

like we do nearly every day.

But today

The head winds became rough and

forced me you see

to do things I’d rather not say

but had to

Had to because

of that steep chasm

ever growing

that accumulating pile of debt

was just as threatening ahead

and just as scary as that rotten Devil.

So a very poor choice was made

in exchange for a

Lasting and Swift rise

to the Top.

A Toast for reaching the Top

To that very top of the world.

A Lavish Life Of Greatness

Chasing an over abundance

of unlimited Riches.

But unfortunately, you see

I have not arrived yet.

I was hood winked

By that sneaky rotten Devil

who sure fooled me!

I have to continuously watch

My back now

while continuing to struggle

through my daily toil,



“I was on my way to the Top,

One Day at a Time, if only if!”

by Sanford Widran © March 2020


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