Bill's Story: Some Will Wonder... If, One Can Be Enough...

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 "Bill’s Story: Some Will Wonder…
One Can Be Enough…
Oh Why, Am I So Powerless
Or Without Defense, Against
the First Drink?" 

Sanford Widran, © April 2020


One…The First One,

hurry up already, then!

Where is my favorite drink?

Soon, before you know

What just happened to you

And there it was, It’s Gone.

Already licked before,

You even finished writing this…

The First One Only Fuels my,

Desire for More, another and

Another please (where is

the next one Already?)

More, more, more!

More is always better.

One is just no fun,

One more please! You see

One is drastically in need

Of some company.

One is never quite enough,

One is such a lonely number.

I just can’t wait until

The next brand new one.


Two…The Second one

Came and went before I knew!

Two is way more fun than one.

I can still barely see some, but

Two is so enticing and intoxicating

Oooh! Two is such a lovely time.

I’m just starting to feel something

And, It’s rather quite Fine😍!

The second one may

Have rained down on me

With a withering Thirst for a Third!

The Second one, are you kidding me?

Get a move on with the next one.

Gosh! How did I already

Get started again?


Three…The Third one,


I can finally see

Why I find such glee.

Please, keep them coming.

Happy Days are here again!

See, my eyes will be blinded

Following the third for even more.

Three, it seems a bit silly anyway

To stop here, always, always more.

And always room for more

It becomes like water see.

Let’s Party-on like

It’s the end of the World.

Quenching that desire, that thirst

to get from three to number Four.


Four…The Fourth one

Is no Snore! Or Superbowl Bore!

And always begs for,

You know, more, more, more.

Four is a really good time!

Feeling very light in the shoes.

Time to dance and sing.

Hey, I’m getting thirsty again,

From all this fun. More again,

Please since I’ve become, the

Best company. You see

I’m starting to lose my sight

And, am starting to See, NOT!

It’s that incomparable feeling

Now, just starting to feel alive

Like, never Before.

And ready to hit that

Dance floor, again once more.

Soon, and quite literally.

The sun is white,

The stars are bright,

The party has just begun!


Five…the Fifth one

Now I really feel alive!

This time You know

It ain’t no jive.

I’ve got this vibe.

I’m ready for another

Round of high five’s.

Ready and eagerly waiting,

Wow, to take that swan dive!

We are not indecisive?

Are we?  I can no longer

See anything, Why?


Six…the Sixth one

Is such mighty bliss.

And, it’s so hilarious!!

Like the floating calmness,

And a painting on a canvas.

Riding the endless alcoholic

Waters, with little waves,

And, slight ripples on the sea.

Man, my vision is surely

Lost now apparently. 

So, there is no point

Now, I can’t stop here.


Seven…the Seventh one

Is such heaven! (as y’all know)

Seven is a reminder why,

Uhh, it’s so hard now

to remember exactly why,

At most, it’s as great

As number eleven.

Except, Heaven is where I’ll

End up soon, If I don’t let up!

Maybe, some other time!


Eight… the Eighth one

Is SOOO Great! MANNN!!

I feel Elated, like

A seagull or roaring

Drone plane, Soaring

High Above. And now

Looking down at myself.

On the Ground, belated

Butt up, Face down.

Although, can’t stop now

Cause I’m already Wasted.


Nine…the Ninth one

Is so fine! If you can

Believe it now.

Cause it’s hard to tell

And nobody would know

Or remember it though

What it was like!

Walk the line, like

The Hoola dance.

If you can.

And show the Man

your Prance!  As,

You sway at will

In the blinding light,

While getting all caught up

In the wind-y, dangly Lights.

Thinking what it must

Have been like.

That day, how Wasted

And Cashed out

I must have been, like.

That reminds me

I was supposed to meet 

my Wife for dinner tonight.

Ohh, I might never

Get well or home Again!


Ten…the Tenth one

Just feels so empty!

It’s like starting over

Again. Cause I don’t know

Really, where I am!

Ten is my limit,

Oh, Mann!

Not so you Say?

But I can’t hear you

Now either!

Ten is like reaching Zen!

Or Zero all over again.

The master of them all.

Inaction and fair

The chase precedes

To reach this find

As clever as you might

Take flight!

And land hard somewhere

Else, or never make it

Back home either.

And only if you are Lucky!

But the memories,

Or lack thereof

Will be recorded in many

Future conversations.


Eleven…the Eleventh one

And last one really!

Can someone contact

my wife for me and tell her

I am on my way

To Heaven now, nearly 

Please call an ambulance for me

Quickly thanks, Please Hurry!


"Bill’s Story: Some Will Wonder…
One Can Be Enough…
Oh Why, Am I So Powerless
Or Without Defense, Against
the First Drink?"

Sanford Widran, © April 2020


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