Reject Misinformation and all Forms of Intimidation

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Reject Misinformation
And all Forms of Intimidation

By: Sanford Widran (c) Nov 2020 

(written between Election Day & the
 final set of Electoral College tallies)


Be patient

Plan ahead

Turnout takes time.

Know how, where and when

you’ll vote and bring a sandwich

or two with water to tide you

over. Waiting so, it seems

endlessly in line for the sun

to shine again on the USA, to

do our patriotic duty. Results

may seem to take a while,

while the US Post Office mailings

roll in slowly. Be calm, don’t shake!

It could still be several more days

to know the winners and losers.

Get your ballot in early since

Postal delivery can snake and

snail the mail up to seven days

long and you’ll want it to count.

To get there in time, look

for a Dropbox nearby instead

or go in person ahead.

Be respectable and responsible

drive a friend or bring a family elder.

Think it through, carefully

wear a mask, study the formal

literature too the candidates

produce then learn the numerous

and complicated proposition

issues Pros and Cons. They’re

expensive some. Don’t forget

about the judges or those

notorious School board members

who fight for survival or maybe?

Deserve to be sitting in a

governmental meeting seat,

some may already have a solid

record, or maybe not. Should

I vote by mail or risk it in line

and in person? Wear your

Personal Protection Gear (PPG),

Absentee or Mail-in ballot?

What’s the difference? None!

Intentional confusion reigns to

stifle voting with intimidation

none-the-less, even

Militias watching.


On the other slippery Right

hand still covered in Lube.

The dirty STUMPER death-tour,

stranding seniors in the icy cold,

just to Rally in his presence

forgetting his supporters

needed to get home, after.

The police alone could not

transport the size of the

crowd bused in for the

Super-spreader event this way

Left the big-ass sign says

and then they are left after

to fend for themselves.

When it was over

Ambulances were called

to take the frozen home

or to a hospital bed, since

someone forgot to call the 30

Buses to take the crowd back

out to the distant parking lots

far from the airport tarmac stage. 

Incompetence doesn’t compare,

the following day Seniors are

dropping like flies from the

dreadful Florida, suffocatingly

steamy heat where Paramedics

are attending to help folks back

up onto their feet at another

death-tour, Super-spreader

event crowd rally, this way Left

the big-ass sign says again, after

rally after rally not caring

who’s affected or how many

get infected.


This virus COVID-19 is a big

challenge for us all. A Pandemic

riding on our backs and our

Parents too, who now

must hide in their homes

for fear of, landing in a hospital

bed and isolation room with tubes

galore coming out due to low

Pulse Ox (oxygen) breathing air

supply. No more lovely greetings

with hugging and kissing, and

parties and more, are cancelled 

at least temporarily until a vaccine

becomes widely available.

Stumper’s politicizing of mask

wearing is in keeping with his

long-held moral vacuum and those

on the Right who close their eyes

and cover for him (his ass)But,

unlike some of the 45thst Executive

past absences of moral leadership, 

this one could cost people’s lives

as we all wait, and wait, although

we can’t wait, while we wait

and count the days until

the Inauguration Day,

coming soon.


We must bring truth back

to the proposition and

our conversations around

the table with all stakeholders.

To learn our lessons still and

build it back better than ever

before. And from the past at

our behests admit what you

can do, to improve with

willingness. Be still, listen

carefully with paper and pen

quill at hand to well qualified

and highly studied experts

of Science and more to form

a plan, a strategy to pursue

to mobilize our efforts in concert

as united, we stand ready

with our troops at hand to help us

reach out for troubling solutions

still together addressing our ills

although focused even more

clearly now especially for

130M doses vaccine distribution.


Please don’t make it someone

else’s problem or a Red States

verses Blue States conflict on issues

that matter, like life and death

See what happens, for example,

when we trust politicians

with our safety and security?

The corruption insurmountable,

the Congress oversees but

the final say is reserved

for the courts and suing parties.

That seems to last forever, like

it’s a dog fight to the end until

The US Supreme Court must

decide what laws to enforce.

Oh, wow!


In what biblical times we live

when a change in our Dear

Leader will do since a new

President can moderate the

course of our future as well as

put up a fight to prevent the new

Far-right Supreme Court Judges

that now rule over our large

and highly diverse cruise ship of

people and children and families

at risk, lead the ship, please lead

the ship. We need healthcare

with no preconditions. Steer us

into friendlier and calmer waters

with our Allies eyes at our backs

and Ours watching their butts too.

No more Nationalistic inner focus

again, now to be moved out and

Left, (pun-intended) in the dust bin

of history and nightmares. We can

only have hope that a Democratic

people’s government returns to

represent us all and that knows

how to follow our relatively young

Constitution, for the sake of

the world, just in time

we hope again.

Thank gosh!


Over the last four years we

have stress tested and weakened

our institutions, challenged by

politicizing appointees for the

Executive branch. So, by now

we should have imagined how

to fix our laws for good so some

Nut-Ball politician can’t hijack

the government again going

forward. And, it’s as if

Diversity” is a dirty word to

them” for some reason,

they” can’t stand the word or

Inclusion” either for all of “US

The United States of America,

we stand tall shoulder to

shoulder with each other

nonetheless together. Notice

the loss of the word “United

in the speeches by the Orange

Stumper when he stands and

says and God Bless America

at the end of his ramblings.


The greed... is sick and amoral!

Reject foreign influence and

secretly funneled donations that

ends in the pockets of shady

political “quid pro quo” con arts

hoping to drain the US Treasury

separating us from our Cash

into cleanly washed dollar bills

spread widely across the globe

into unlimited offshore shell bank

accounts galore in a slap down

challenge to the little Russian

PU-man for the title “World’s

Richest & Filthiest Whore”!

How perfect does it get? The

moral subversion is completely

intolerable! “All roads lead

to Russia and the PU-man

unfortunately, but fortunately

since Nancy Pelosi still rules

strong to save our sacred

Constitution. Watch dumb Mitch

stick his fingers in his pants at

the sight of her like the senile

ex-NY mayor did recently with

a Minorcaught on film.


The current senate leader from

that very poor horsey state hides

to avoid the sunlight like a

vampire by day and comes out

in the dark as a blood sucker by

night. He is useless and the

Death-Eater he claims to be.

It’s time to Ditch Incompetent Mitch

and put Chuck and Nancy in charge.

We must take both the House

and Senate too. Then we can

get something important done

over the next few years. Cross

your fingers and toes to

finally, please make it so.


And then the Progressives will

stand to unite us all to make it

rain Red, White and Blue all over. 

It’s not just you’re a Crook

Senator....said the Democratic

challenger in debate for Senate

Seat in Georgia. And then again

like never before, two run-off

election seats will decide

political control of the Senate,

the Congress and our future

together. It’s testament to our

strength and will to overcome

and push all these godless people

out of office, never for them

to be seen or heard from

ever again. We hope and

Long to say…

The End!

(to “them all” and this

  entire charade!



Reject Misinformation
And all Forms of Intimidation

By: Sanford Widran (c) Nov 2020 

(written between Election Day & the
 final set of Electoral College tallies)



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