A Remarkable Feeling....The Realization of our Being

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A Remarkable Feeling...
The Realization of our Being!"

(tiny humans living on a floating planet)

Sanford Widran, (c) May 2020


Here I am.

At least, I think I am.

So, it must be true...Perhaps.

How are you?


Where am I?

Somewhere out here

In the atmosphere

Riding high

In the ozone sky

Like the Rainbows fly

Where I can see

far and wide

And much more clearly now,

Seems like Forever.


That's a Fact

So are You

Jack, and Jill

They walked down the hill

Holding hands

with their pail

in between them

Falling in Love.

Preparing to dip their toes 

in the water, 

of the ever flowing

River of Life,

ever changing


take flight!

But hang on tight,

Cause our planet is turning

Floating like a Raft

Spinning through the draft

Now going really fast.

Flying through the Vastness

of Time and Space.


While our people must Unite

Through Strength in numbers

Becomes our Might!

By myself at first,

Then at next sight

Here are all

the rest of us, too.

Working all day and night

we bind together

for fair play.

Please help us friends,

we beg you.

We need respect

for our community

to comply

Families are hungry

Babies crying.


Paddling our way

Through the Bay now

Over waters still and flat

Like glass below

And reflected back

Sun shining brightly

as we go…

Gliding quietly,

Going slow

at first

Then for fun

going really fast.

In sync working hard

Moving forward

Always chasing

Towards our Goals.


“We all make our own prisons


some are better decorated

than others.”

(attributed to some "Unknown Prisoner")


"Give me a minute

And I can save you

Many miles!

For what you Seek…”

(attributed to some “Unknown Shephard”)


“I can’t change

the direction of the wind

but I can adjust my sails

to always reach my destination.”

(attributed to some "Unknown Sailor-

Jimmy Dean")


“What lies before us

and what lies behind us

are tiny matters

compared to what lies within us”

(attributed to some "Deep Thinker-

Ralph Waldo Emerson")


Awareness of our souls

and pending mortality

are unique to us, our kind

Human Beings, we’re alive.

It becomes a part

of growing up and

maturing into an adult.  

Learning to understand

to accept these things.

Then again, have no fear

because with Faith you see,

so the Eternal goes, it

can become a part of you.


When I was young

And lying in bed

God said

I should listen carefully.

At least, I thought it was

God's voice,

who would speak to me

at night before falling asleep.

At this early age I did not realize

or understand quit yet


these were my own thoughts,

trying to figure things out.

meanings of life and death!


Going to sleep

for the night was always

A difficult time for me.

I feared the dark

until I turned like thirteen.

I could hold my pee, but had

bad nightmares all the time.

Many different repetitive

themes. Still do even

as an adult, although

about different ones now.

God would speak to me

I could hear him clearly

Listening to his warm

familiar voice all full

of logic and wisdom.

Comforting words still

follow me around today

He would impress

on my attention

how to Endure


with Patience

and think of him.

Until to pass the time

And kill the moments still.

So, it would hurry up

and pass already,

that stressful situation

will just have to deal,

Then soon enough

Sleep would take over.



Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Have now become

a significant part of

my daily existence

and struggle with hopefulness.

A mosquito bit with a virus

Is all it took outside one night

Who knew?

It could put me in a state

Like this, leaving me disabled

and unable to shake it or do

much of anything, now.

I have had to learn to adapt

My brain so twisted and

unable to focus clearly.

How frustrating to never

be the same again,

so full of energy

And strength,

alive and capable

No longer be the case

as I sleep all the time

and am tired while awake

as if in a conscious

but unconscious wakefulness.

Painful stimulation

has become a part of me.

A big impact on my life

and quality,

both subjective and dependent

on my Brains’ interpretation.

The meds work ok

a part of time

but then the pain again.

Each day brings new

Distressing difficulties

Making it more challenging to try

My legs so heavy, my head

like mushed in a blender.

It follows me around

everywhere I go

Insists I balance the pain

and carry the added weight

of it on my shoulders

like a pet Gorilla by day,

and while running,

running from that Dragon

of Pain in my nightmare

dreams all night long.


With everything I try to do,

I am exhausted so.

I cannot focus

or accomplish much

of anything at home.

How depressing to be told

There is no cure!

What shall I do?

Nothing much I guess


From the long list of all

My “Witch Doctors”

(neurologists, pain specialists,

doctors alike)

They each described my illness


They all prayed for me

Cheerfully, with a smile

And said there was nothing

They could do,

But, they “Witched me Good Luck!”

On my way out the door

Before I go, home.


My photography though is

Fun and quite Outstanding! 😄

Solarization Fine Art Photography

The World you barely know...



Got to make it so 

The cookie, the reward.

Harmony of Presence with

Mindfulness and Openness

Willingness and Lovingness

Will bring us Hopefulness

and Peacefulness.


My artwork is as way different

as any great artist should be

in order to position their work

as truly unique,

A breakthrough in technique

Authentic and original.

My catalog is so vast

And quite extensive

I cover many types of

photographic genres

and specialty interests.

It’s all about the pleasantries

of the colors and how

they make you feel inside,

The emotions evoked

by reviewing carefully

With artistic pride!


"Every image is like a song

or a piece of music.

Each one plays with you

for a little while

with its unique nature

of visual communication"

(attributed to some "Wanna be

Musician- Sanford Widran")


Need to get moving,

Now, somewhere fast

Oh, no!

A time bomb

is going to explode.

Inside my head

one day, 

and Kill me Dead,


I don't know when!

So then, Uhm....

I better get my butt

in gear and show my

Photographic artwork

exhibit to the world today.

There, it is, It's here!

Ok, but move it quick

before it is too late! 


"I Can't Wait

Until Tomorrow Comes

Since I Get Better Looking

Every Day!"

(attributed to some "Great Player-

Joe Namath")


Please Lord forgive me

for all my sins

and past transgressions.

I will seek to do better

to improve my character.

And reassess periodically

to challenge old thoughts

and outdated beliefs.

Thus, rid myself forever

Of “stinking thinking!”

(attributed to some “Great Speaker-

Zig Ziglar”)


Thank you, Lord,

for this wonderful day

For granting us this

joyous filled life

And for all your bountiful


It was genius providing us

With a consciousness

of your presence

and awareness of our own

Human existence within

Mortal souls, so

We can recognize you

in worship, belief, and faith.

Thank you, Lord,

for your endless gifts

and comforts of our loving Home.


Here and now,

Lord, please help me again

I need your guidance

To find my way ahead.

I hope to feel better soon

so I can get back

out into the world

and resume

where I left off.

There is so much more

to learn and discover.

And, thank you Lord,

So much, for everything...

You do. Catch you,

next time and soon! 😊



A Remarkable Feeling...
The Realization of our Being!"

(tiny humans living on a floating planet)

Sanford Widran, (c) May 2020






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