When I'm Not, Too, Deeply Immersed in my Art!

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When I'm Not Too, Deeply Immersed in my Art

"With Mindfulness and Positivity, 
Taking Control of our Future 

By Sanford (Sandy) Widran
© Copyright 2017, Feb.

An' Extraordinary Poem for An'
elusive and evocative women.

I dream about holding you
in my arms. Looking at your eyes 
transfixed in silence. 
Seeing the desire in you build 
and fall 
as I start to lean in towards your 
pretty face, and really kiss those 
supple lips all over, parting. 
I can smell the sweetness of your 
breath. And taste the warmness 
of your mouth. I might start to cry 
with happiness. 
I can feel the swelling of my heart. 
To only hold you tight each night. 
And always smell your body might.  
My mind is blown. So thankful for 
this precious world and finding 
you in it too. I want to share it with 
you forever and delight in it 
We'll run away and hide, until we 
can't stand one another  
for a short while. And later 
recognize that we can't go on 
Forever, without seeing and 
being apart like that or our hearts
will break and ache a lot.  
The world sounds so beautiful and 
I want you to hear it with me too. 
Shout it out and set the birds free 
on their wings to soar and rip 
through the air so light. We will 
build our world in a way together 
and I shall revel in your beauty and 
sight and warmth and comfort. 
I only want for you to feel 
And see your joy release to
surround you with happiness. 
Tense and Breath in, deeply and 
relax. Calmness now. Visualize one 
of your favorite places and find 
yourself there.  Feel the energy 
flow thru your blood vessels. 
As it merges towards your brain, 
you can feel the sensations prickle 
and raise the hair on your arms. 
Now with great aim you can feel 
my touch even through 
eyes closed and beating heart 
in anticipation of letting go. 
I'll be yours and you'll me mine! 
Thoughts of you illuminate my way 
and warms my heart at night. 
Hope springs eternal when 
I can see the future clearly now 
and there you are again, 
crossing paths with me purposely 
and there am I fawning at your 
An' Extraordinary Poem for An, 
exquisite and elusive woman
I often see wandering at night  
through my mind and dreams. 
I save from danger again and 
again, when and whom provides 
me then with comfort from 
my head to my toes 
while I sleep.
Never let me go
Let me show you how
Gotta, let me know
I can hear your beating heart all
the way from here
Running, running hard to tell, 
away or towards or near.
Captivated by your grace 
I feel your hand safety tucked 
away under mine. 
I enjoy the shape of you
Your smile lights me up
Please be my valentine one day 
at a time. 
You are my sunshine blinding 
spot-light and bright-like a 
shining star in my days'-nights. 
Your body is so sweet and mighty 
fine and attractive too 
so gentle 
Your face so pure and beautiful
Your mouth just pulls me in.
Your lips are my desire. Oh, 
someday to be together. 
Let us pray it will be one day 
and then, for forever. 
Let us see and allow me please
to be free and with you soon. 
Chill out now. Gotta go, 
My attraction for you grows
as each day goes 
and brings us closer still 
My heart swells with cheer 
at the thought of you. 
As I carry you around 
attached right at my hip
so you can share in and take in 
all my experiences 
and feelings until 
we can 
see each other, again. 
Strangers carrying on like
And soon to be reunited 
Threads through life wound 
With ties tightly bound
For real
As far as I can see
Caring sharing daring wise
Embrace and you shall find 
The joy of waking up together 
next to me
in spirit now, and soon in kind. 
To seek comfort throughout
the day 
And protection as thy shield 
in the dark of night. 
I will provide for you someday 
And bring glory to your heart and 
our bright wide 
Smiles now for sharing the day 
together in mind 
And knowing when the darkness 
I will be there to guide you 
by the moon and stars light.
Colors bright and contrast strong
Brings out the intricate details in
The wonders of nature's designs. 
I'm captivated by the beauty 
of it all
this world and how it formed, 
that this existence slowly makes 
changes over time until perfection 
takes shape and beauty shines. 
To capture the moment allows us 
to relive the time with eyes alight
And to share the experience again 
and again with friends, delight. 
To open minds and doors alike
And reach upon the mountains' 
The climb achieved with thought 
and prayer to find that meaning
In us all that creates the bind. 
Together the energy flows and 
steers us to see the other's face
With future plan and signs that 
That pull of fate we'll meet 
To revel in thy grace and thrice
Forever with you be my thoughts 
Until that day comes around
When you realize my mighty might
My hugs will reign upon thy body
To relish in your taste of skin
Shared to last with pleasure still
And overcome the tough days that 
tire your mind ahead, sometimes. 
And reassure that tomorrow brings
New sight to those times in kind
That pulls us closer still
Until we merge in mind 
and spirit and heart
and find
The real meaning of that 
under winds of thread we weave 
and treasures still
The discovery, oh, the thrill. 
Never ceases needs that move us 
gently forward to read the will, 
We all want to be someday
Somebody special, somebody real
To stand out with wit and bright
and strong as steel,
To shine a light on sights to see
And share this energy within 
that connects us all with search 
and reach to find that right of 
nature shines so bright 
With common binds of grasping,
Why? How come? In what way? 
How does it work, so you say? 
with trials might?
The link of light blinds far and wide
To feel that knowing helps
In times of fright and biting need
Our peoples unite to build it tall
With foundation strength we lay it 
all, bare. 
Ensuring longevity of mind and 
thought and honesty, 
souls delight as we live and pass 
in sorrow's shadow following us 
Reminding why the forward right
We shall overcome the shackles 
tight and fight 
to free the need for injustice might
Prevent our ability to bend the 
light and share the right of 
goodwill and sight of knowledge, 
together we can open eyes so 
wide the bulb of delight comes on
so white and nice and bright 
to read by 
the beacon shines on
Providing insights through 
The darkness of the universe's 
Bringing us closer still to finding 
the truth through seeking proof 
With no alternative right,
That holds us back from feeling 
like we're proud you see and 
little need to be how others
might perceive and believe 
to build with facts, and gee 
I can do that with my mind 
and make it time to pursue 
that dream of passion will 
for drive to make it happen be.
I feel that need to share the way 
to find comfort within and 
with steady hand to steer in 
troubled seas. 
The horizon awaits a fine chase 
you see 
to catch that fleeting rainbow 
sight so fine your eyes
Will pop, with delight 
and something there you'll find 
To comfort thee in times of lonely 
heart you'll see and hear and taste 
and smell so sweet and lovely in 
your fine clothing bright with 
shivers when your presence make 
my heart will fly and knees so 
weak I knell before thee to share 
my mind and being with glee
And glory 
anytime within your sight of me. 
The pull shall bind and weave it's 
way until the tie becomes the day 
We shall intertwine, and now 
today's that day arriving will
already it's getting late, still... 
The day is bright with smiles and 
Cherie, the tongues will be busy 
see to fend and share the glee
will be alive and shining bright 
with tea and toast that destiny 
pulls us ever closer still, and tight. 
Until we fall together and breath
the air between us knowing all 
the reasons why, for the way it is 
and the way it CAN be! 
With affection growing. 
You shall see. 
We can feel the light so bright
shining with our say 
to help us remember why 
we want to be this way, 
what's right,
as you feel we can be, and say
And it will within a timelines might
Even higher still until that moment
right when you say how important 
I am to family's tight with feeling 
good and so bright with growth 
it can be 
And tall alright the air so thin you 
gasp and plead for feeling like 
A need so tight that saucy see
The ride can be bumpy seas but 
smooth will be as time is ripe to 
pull the ship together tightly so.
Thee alike will elevate above 
and find a feeling like
Your mind is focused on your sight 
to see and produce and to have 
made and make use, with lots of 
will enable me to rally now
To find you once again to see the 
look on your face with fear and 
glee to find me there and wonder 
still how this could have possibly 
been, and happening now and then 
there you are in person, I 
hope to God you can and will. 
Wow wee, there's a bumble bee
Look closer still and see
With focal lens and CCD
Battery powered that captures we 
and background bright the world 
we see with all the colors and 
possibilities alike.
Anything your mind can find to fill 
the time until those days that 
come and go and brings us closer
still. Yet, again until that time my 
will be focused on health and life 
return again I see the light.
My muscles be so tight and ready
To guide me still quite steadily
Towards the days that come when 
we shall meet again. Fulfill the 
needs of others until that time 
comes around, 
to see of us, our will, our turn 
we'll be so tightly bound together,
Amen to that and pray to say the 
better together can be mighty 
To bear another's weight until 
hearts can be within our reach 
to feel
Oh yes and time will tell 
us secrets still that uncovers will 
the keys reveal the maker shall 
protect thee until 
your knight in shining armor thrill 
arrives and kneels in respect and 
kindness with candy giving less or 
more hopefully flowers too
Will find your heart openly
And accepting of me so, 
as I long to be held in your arms.
Hoping for a warm and budding 
relationship with thee. Like two 
birds on a swing. Back and forth 
we go, we, we, we. Onwards.... and
Forwards… singing Mindfully, 
And Peacefully together, again,
you'll see...
To a very special 
a woman who 
appears often in my thoughts
and dreams and who brings, freely
Longing though the quiet nights
And sunshine bright 
to my busy days.
Your Vision 
Inspires and Attracts Me, 
Lots of Like, and Sincerely,

Mind exercises:
Things I like to do 
when I'm not, too, 
deeply immersed in 
my art.

"With Mindfulness and Positivity, 
Taking Control of our Future 

Sanford Widran
© Copyright 2017, Feb.
A Valentine’s Day Desire.




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